Thank you for your interest in supporting Mise en Podcast financially! Below are a variety of options to support us, if you wish. There is a brief description below the icons explaining more about each, as well as additional methods.

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Patreon: This option offers you a recurring monthly subscription to support us financially in addition to receiving some perks with the various tiers.

Ko-Fi & PayPal: Another way to support us financially is a direct donation to the show through Ko-Fi, or Neon, through Paypal.

Our audio host, Pinecast, also lets you donate via a tipjar, the link for which can be found here:

Pinecast Tip Jar!

This also lets you donate directly in may podcast apps! Additionally, if you don’t have a preferred podcast app, I would like to suggest using the RadioPublic app. Or, if you prefer listening at home, one of the links that I post to RadioPublic. Every listen via their platform earns us $0.02/episode. While it’s not much, it’s a way for you to support us!

Finally, if you want to still support us but don’t wish to do it monetarily, please tell others about us! Getting others to listen will help us grow as well as encourage them to share it. And leaving a rating and a review on iTunes is a great way to help support us. This gets us more visibility on iTunes and will help others discover our little show.