Teaser Trailer

[Intro music, Carefree by Kevin MacLeod, fades to a lower level]

[Wing]: Hello everyone, and welcome to Mise en Podcast. No, I’m not your host, Neon. I’m Wing T.F. McCallister, the editor. When I’m not doing my job being Neon’s worst nightmare every time I go through a script, I’m here to do what every editor should do… shamelessly plug the product. Do you want to be a better baker? Do you want your kitchen to be the envy of the neighborhood? Do you want to host all those swag, fancy dinner parties? Honestly, I don’t know if Neon’s covering that last one, but what I do know is that he will help you be the best baker you can be. So grab your favorite beverage. We all know what mine will be.. [Sound of a soda can opening] The sweet sounds of not being sponsored, and join us on this wonderful journey to build better bakers together.

[Carefree by Kevin MacLeod increases in volume before fading out]